Collagen – Alternativeless in soft tissue regeneration

Tissue regeneration better with collagen

Collagen is an indispensable part of soft tissue regeneration in medicine and our technologies preserve the most valuable collagen properties for this purpose.

Collagen is a structural protein and the most abundant protein in the human body. It is not only found in soft and connective tissues, but is also an important component of bones, cartilage and even organs such as the skin. The collagen molecule has a characteristic molecular structure (triple helix). Due to its hierarchical structure, collagen forms first fibrils and then fibers, which in turn form networks or matrices.

Inconspicuously absorbable and metabolizable

Many of the human tissues are in a state of constant renewal, i.e. cells degenerate and continuously generate collagen matrices in the body, among other things. It is therefore understandable that the implantable collagen products of biotrics can be resorbed and metabolized inconspicuously by these natural degradation processes. The breakdown products of collagen are natural amino acids. These also serve as nutritional basis for cells to build new extracellular matrices.

Dr. rer. nat. Mike Barbeck
Scientific expert for tissue regeneration

“Our tissues are largely composed of collagen – so for me, alternative collagen matrices corresponding to such tissue are “indispensable” to achieve physiological integration of the replacement material and low-complication healing and thus consequently regeneration.”

Properties of collagen matrices

Pure, naturally absorbable, cell- and tissue-friendly, reliable, biologically safe

At biotrics, we follow the approach of high purification of collagen matrices while preserving their properties. For this purpose, we use a specially developed and adapted process for each matrix. Our cleaning processes are optimized thanks to our many years of development work. This makes it possible to bridge the gap between the highest chemical cleaning intensity and the preservation of the collagen structure both gently and thoroughly.


Pure collagen matrices, with high quality mechanical and biological properties.

We deliberately avoid preservatives in our collagen products, favoring instead preservation by dehydration and sterilization. Collagen materials can thus be prepared for use in patients simply by rehydration within a few minutes.