Magnesium – a biodegradable metal

Biodegradable metals –

heard of it?

Magnesium as a metal is biodegradable and transforms to magnesium salts. This means that metals and regeneration concepts can finally be united.

biotrics bioimplants AG is one of the few manufacturers worldwide that masters the manufacturing of medical devices made of magnesium. The fascination of magnesium metals is not only due to its metallic properties, but is mainly due to the fact that they can be degraded to non-toxic magnesium salts.

Compared to other metal-implants, magnesium as a medical material offers the special feature of a stiffness, which is closer to human bone and still provides remarkable stability. Combined with the property of being completely degraded naturally, the use of magnesium implants, such as screws or membranes, allows for stable fixation.

Magnesium implants for regeneration

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The magnesium ions released during degradation have a positive effect on the growth of bone cells and accelerate bone healing, e.g. by promoting vascularization.

As a mineral of the body, magnesium is responsible, for example, in processes of cellular energy supply, the construction of components of nucleic acids or the maintenance of healthy bones. Up to 60% of total magnesium in the human body is stored in bones, where it participates in mineral and bone homeostasis in combination with vitamin D.

Degradation of magnesium in vivo